color clock

A clock. Instead of using numeric digits, this one uses the standard color-to-number association used in electronics, for resistor labeling or ribbon cable coloring. The background color in the frame is the six-digit time used as an rgb value.

The one interesting thing is what many clocks that display seconds get wrong: They just update about once in a second but don’t even try to do the update on the second. Effect: multiple instances drift with respect to each other (and to the actual seconds), and occasionally wil do a two-second step (when slow) or not step in a second (if fast, quite unusual).

The fix:

  var d=new Date();
  var m=1050-d.getMilliseconds();
  if (m < 500) m += 1000;

Compute the time to the next full second, and do a delay to that point, instead of just setTimeout(1000).

The background color around the ‘digits’ (and the entire background on the original page - fullscreen and enjoy) is set as it is on (dead) which inspired me to this clock in the first place. That page also displays the second drift - just open both pages side by side to see that.

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